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Average Costs for Structural Engineering Services in Canada [2023]

Centuries of evolution in the fields of architecture and engineering yield enormous knowledge of keeping buildings safe, sound, comfortable, and intact. Even the most competent construction companies will produce a vulnerable edifice if the design is flawed or mistakes are made during the process.

Fortunately for Canada, and elsewhere, MNA Quality Consulting absorbs the lessons of history and, looking forward - adopts cutting-edge technology to determine the structural plans with the highest grades of cohesion, stability, and safeness. The structural drawings approved by our residential engineers have a track record of constitutional integrity, longevity, and precision.

What Does a Structural Engineer Do?

A structural engineer applies principles from mathematics and physics, as well as facts gained from history and experience, to design buildings and other structures to be safe, stable, and functional according to their purposes.

Looking at an architect's structural drawings, for example, the engineer will calculate and recommend what tensions and resistance levels are essential, what materials and substances are optimal, and, sometimes, what revisions an architect should make to assure support, strength, and balance. What is a structural engineer? Basically, it is the person responsible for seeing that a building, once erected, stays erected for the long run.

Common Structural Engineer Fees

Fee arrangements for structural engineers are many and varied. It can depend on the scope, length, cost, or complexity of the project, and perhaps all of those factors combined. Some of the ways structural engineers residential collect their charges are reflected here:

Structural Engineer Rate Type Average Cost Range
Per Project $300-$5,000
Per Square Foot $0.25-$2.00
Per Hour $100-$230
Percent of Construction 1-5%

Whatever the fee structure, prices for structural engineer and design in Canada, for new homes and residential improvements, can span from $300 to $1,300 for modest projects, $5,000 for work that is more in-depth; and perhaps $15,000 if the residential engineers are to double as project managers. Other remuneration might be required if site visits exceed those built into the original structural engineer quote. In addition, if the homeowner desires change, there might be further fees added to embrace the attendant time and revisions. 

Average Structural Inspection & Report Costs in Canada

A structural inspection is a core function of the structural engineer residential. In the end, the engineer issues a report assessing the degree of soundness of the edifice. This can cover the entire house, a section of it, or a smaller component.

Structural Inspection Type Average Cost Range
Full home $350- $1,000
Foundation $300- $800
Load-bearing walls $300- $1,000
Roof $150- $600
Chimney $200- $500

A structural inspection is routinely performed in Canada prior to remodeling or expanding a house. Alternatively, an inspection happens after the house suffers significant damage.

Structural Engineering Project Costs in Canada

Of course, charges from a structural engineer and design firms are not written in stone and will fluctuate according to the sort of project underway. 

Engineering Design $800 to $3,000
New construction 1-4% of overall construction costs
Renovations 8-20% of the overall cost of construction project

Engineering Design

Design can apply to specific house features, in which case the costs can run from $800 to $3,000. Also under this category are examinations and determinations, are certain walls load-bearing, for example.

New Construction

Because these buildings are created, a structural engineer must confirm the integrity of the foundation, roof, and walls. Costs could be up to four percent of the total project expense.


Here the engineer may request between eight and 20 percent of the project cost. One reason is that tear-downs often precede the alterations. An engineer confirms the safest way to proceed.

Factors that Affect Structural Engineering Projects Costs

Still other variables affect the retention cost of a structural engineer. 

  • Intricacy - the more complicated the project, the more it will cost. This is a reliable rule of thumb since complexity means a greater variety of materials and more hours of labor.
  • Dimensions - again, the size of the structure created or modified influences the amount of material components needed and completion time invested.
  • Starting size - this, too, is a logical indicator of cost: an apartment remodeling (~$900) costs less than the same job on a three-bedroom house (~$2,000). In turn, the latter costs less than would a five-bedroom restoration (~$4,000).
  • Parameters of the job - it stands to reason that a simple inspection would be less of a financial burden than a construction project under engineer management from start to finish.
  • Experience - a structural engineer with several hundred successful projects of which to boast earns the right to ask for more than the novice engineer, though it’s usually worth spending more for experience.

Since there are so many considerations that cause engineering costs to be higher or lower, it makes sense to take advantage of initial consultations to brainstorm and figure out exactly what you need and want. On the one hand, the engineering firm gets all the information it needs to put forward a structural engineer quote. On the other, potential clients obtain a clearer understanding of the process, why costs vary, and how they can lower costs if need be.


Clearly, the structural soundness of a new house or extension is a matter of serious regard and is something that any homeowner should take into consideration, at length. Comfort and appearance must come afterward. With this reality in mind, homeowners want engineers with long experience in designing and evaluating the most stable edifices.

MNA Quality Consulting is firm with just such credentials. Our history with all types of real estate, public and private, demonstrates high levels of competence, efficiency, and creativity. Contact us to learn how we can help you get started right away.

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