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Commercial HVAC system maintenance is incredibly important for your property! Learn why in this article, and give us a call in case you need an HVAC system designed!

Commercial HVAC Servicing Explained: The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Why is HVAC maintenance important? The benefits of HVAC maintenance include system efficiency, better safety and comfort for people inside the building, and the system running longer to save money. When an HVAC system isn't properly maintained, you can wind up facing disruptions to your business, which can end up being very costly. That hurts employee morale and productivity, and your clients and customers aren't going to be happy either. If you need HVAC system engineering services, then we're who to call to get help with matters such as these!

What Are the Commercial HVAC Systems and How Do They Work?

Before you can know the importance of HVAC preventive maintenance, it helpsto know what commercial HVAC systems are to start with. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. These are the systems in your building that control temperatures in your commercial space so you can enjoy healthy indoor air quality while also moderating the humidity levels.

Commercial HVAC equipment has three separate systems that accomplish these tasks in tandem. AC units lower indoor temperatures and moisture by using refrigerants. Heating systems boost interior temperatures using gas, radiator coils, or water. Ventilation systems circulate air with fans and move it through filtration systems for purification.

Common Industrial & Commercial HVAC System Types

commercial hvac maintenance

While commercial HVAC maintenance is a universal requirement, the specific tasks involved might vary based on the different kinds of system types.

Single Split HVAC Systems

This kind of HVAC system is very popular in smaller commercial buildings. They're affordable, and they even have zone control over individual rooms. However, outdoor units are necessary, and this kind of system takes up a lot of space.

Multi Split System

The importance of HVAC maintenance is also crucial with a multi-split system that utilizes inverter technology so that nine interior units can all connect to a single outdoor unit. Energy usage is lower, and you save space. Downsides include longer installation times and higher installation costs.


If you have a mixed-use building such as a shopping mall or a hotel, then you probably already have some idea why HVAC maintenance is important. You might also be using a variable refrigerant volume or variable refrigerant flow system. These might employ either heat pump or heat recovery technology.

Types of Maintenance Procedures that Industrial HVAC Systems Require

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The kind of specific HVAC maintenance your system requires will vary based on whether your technician is working with the heating, cooling, or ventilation components of your system.

Cooling Unit Maintenance

AC technicians will do many things, including:

  • Cleaning the system coils, condensate drain, and blower components
  • Checking out the various electrical components
  • Adjusting the cooling system, including any necessary lubrication
  • Preventing system inefficiency and compressor damage by verifying and restoring appropriate refrigerant levels
  • Conducting system diagnostic checks
  • Identifying any ductwork leaks that require resolution

Heating Unit Maintenance

To make sure your heating system is working okay, expect your technician to do the following tasks:

  • Inspect all components
  • Check out the vent system for blockages or leaks
  • Make sure there's no corrosion with the heat exchanger
  • Reduce friction by lubricating motor parts
  • Verify electrical wires and connections
  • Test safety controls and start-up cycles
  • Clean the system professionally

Regular Indoor Air Quality Checks

why hvac maintenance is important

Technicians will often do an interior air quality test. Doing this is crucial for the physical well-being of customers and employees. It's also the only means of finding contamination presence or levels of:

  • Dust
  • Formaldehyde
  • Pollen
  • Radon
  • Volatile organic compounds

Benefits of HVAC System Maintenance

You probably already generally know and accept that HVAC system maintenance has benefits, but do you know what they specifically are? Even more so, how do they benefit your commercial space? Here are a handful of benefits of HVAC system maintenance that you may or may not have thought of.

#1. Less Need in Repairs

Maintenance prevents system breakdowns and even total system failure. Finding issues before they occur is crucial to prevention, but it also helps to deal with things when they are still minor issues.

#2. Better Energy Efficiency

Many consumers and even a lot of your employees may hold values about the environment. Practicing actual energy efficiency is something you can do to show them all you are serious about helping minimize your commercial outfit's impact on the environment.

#3. Extended HVAC Equipment Lifespan

Depending on the season, your system has different jobs to perform. Regular maintenance means it's ready for what is necessary, and you can keep your system operating at full capacity for its expected lifespan, if not longer.

#4. Decreased Energy Bills

importance of hvac maintenance

An HVAC system that operates more efficiently uses less energy in its operations. That means your energy bills go down, and savings every month help your net revenue.

#5. Better Indoor Air Quality

Dirty blower parts and coils inside your AC system might pollute your indoor air quality. That can increase your odds of the buildup of bacteria, pollen, and fungi, and those can lead to flu-like illnesses, eye and nose irritation, and asthma attacks.

#6. Safer Environment & Less Potential Property Damage

HVAC system maintenance does more than protect the system itself. It also means you have a safer commercial environment and reduced potential for property damage, which is a huge money saver in both the short and long run. For instance, you might reduce the frequency, severity, or even occurrence of issues such as a leaking system resulting in water damage.


The importance of HVAC in buildings is hard to overrate. The expert HVAC engineering company can help you plan out your commercial HVAC system as efficiently as possible, allowing you to save your money on more expensive commercial HVAC servicing and repairs later. Moreover, you can postpone total system replacement longer, so you get a better per-year cost out of your current system. You'll also keep customers and employees happy by avoiding unnecessary disruptions to your business. So if you require professional help from industry experts with your commercial HVAC engineering, get in touch with us to get started!

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