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Meet One of the Faces Behind MNA Quality Consulting Ltd.

Meet One Of The Faces Behind MNA Quality Consulting Ltd.

Andrew Ardianto

I’m Andrew Ardianto, the vice president of MNA Quality Consulting Ltd.

I Look Forward to Sharing My Story

I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

In 2014, I realized that the circumstances and situation in the job market were not great, and as a result, employment was becoming a scarcity. The availability of jobs was lower than the demand in our community, and something needed to be done. Having always wanted to run my own business, I took this situation as a chance to actually start it and offer some relief to job seekers around me.

Our family business was established in 2008, with a typical contract-based opportunity to provide consulting services to bigger companies. MNA Quality Consulting with a three service division was formed out of necessity and market demand. Our family business back in 2008 offered document management services to bigger oil companies. In 2010, computer and website support was added to our service list, and by 2015, we also began to offer fire alarm engineering services. From then on, we’ve been offering a more comprehensive range of building engineering services such as electrical, mechanical, and structural consultancy that serve the needs of our existing and new clients.

Ever since I joined the business, I’ve enjoyed teaching and imparting my knowledge to my team. I feel that the most rewarding outcome from this is if they can do what I do. Being able to create professionals who match my level of expertise is a great feat not only for our business but also for our employees and clients.

Our Clients Are Our Livelihood

They are the reason we exist and they enable us to pursue our success. For this reason, at the core of our business is the philosophy of service. In our line of work, we are only successful if we deliver the agreed service to our clients’ satisfaction.

This makes it essential for us to deliver exemplary service quality to our clients at all times. Good enough is not an option for us. We have to do our best with every project. To ensure that we are putting in our 100%, we focus our thoughts, energy, and attention on the successful outcome of whatever we are doing. That way, we can deliver more significant impacts to the receiver. We aim to do something that’s above and beyond what’s expected. We pursue excellence through continuous improvement and effective, efficient execution.

We usually know that we are doing a good job when we receive a ‘pat in the back’ from our clients in the form of compliments in their Google reviews and, of course, paid invoices. I absolutely love reading our client reviews as they give us an opportunity to enhance our services.

When I’m not helping other businesses with my services, I like to sing. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, my wife and I used to sing in the church choir every week. We still try to sing together during our free time while enjoying each other’s company.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise as electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers in Calgary, AB, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit our website at



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