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Fire Protection Engineering & Design Consulting

Our fire safety engineering consultants focus on dangerous fire that can imperil peoples’ lives. We ensure code compliance by identifying fire safety risks in the building.

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Fire Prevention and Protection Engineers in Calgary, AB

Our highly qualified fire code consultant, fire protection and safety engineering consultants are licensed to review existing fire protection systems and plan new ones, using extensive industry expertise in construction engineering.

Our engineered fire systems often leverage multiple construction methods that provide higher levels of safety. We apply insights into architects’ structural designs, knowing that the suppression and elimination of fire is critical for human safety and business continuity. All MNA fire prevention projects include a site analysis of potential fire flow, presence of hazardous materials and available water supplies.

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Fire Protection Engineering Consulting Solutions We Provide

Our fire protection consultant provides complete engineered drawings for fire protection and fire alarm systems and supporting equipment engineered to NFPA standards.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Once the power service and distribution is designed we need to ensure building occupants are notified for fire hazard by means of fire alarm system. Our electrical consulting engineers have vast experience with fire alarm system design and verification.

Fire Suppression Systems

Engineering fire safety is not a one size fits all approach. Choosing the extinguishing medium depends upon the building’s purpose and the assets being protected. Museums, for instance, benefit from gas inerting systems that diminish flammability of paintings, whereas factories with industrial equipment require large water volumes to douse flames. We engineer fire safety for office buildings with foam extinguishers and sprinkler systems that continually distribute water to assist occupants escaping danger.

Fire Suppression System
Water Based System

Water Based System

This is the most common suppression system, it comprises sprinkler systems, standpipe systems and fire pumps in case of additional water volume and pressure is required, usually for high rise buildings or remote facilities where the local municipal water supply is not sufficient to support the fire protection system.

Special Hazard Systems

In the case that a water-based system is not suitable, such as critical facilities or industries where water will damage the building contents, foam suppression systems or clean agent systems can be installed. Some samples of the buildings are aircraft hangar and data center facilities.

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Other Services

Our fire protection engineering consultant also provides additional services such as fluid delivery calculations, 3D/BIM coordination, existing system evaluations and hydrant flow tests. Contact us with your project to start the conversation.

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Our Fire Engineering Consulting Services Process

Meeting fire alarm codes depends upon the number and type of built structures, density of occupants in work areas and passageways and relative risk factors (flammable materials, electrical load capacity, elevators to stairwells ratio, etc.) Our end-to-end engineering safety measures and testing protocols enable our team to verify proper fire safety levels and make improvement recommendations.

Engaging MNA Consulting

MNA issues a standard consulting agreement that addresses the building(s) for which we will provide fire prevention consulting services. The document outlines the topics we’ll explore and about which we’ll provide detailed reports: fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, smoke control design and testing. We also assign a team to your project, that can consist of electrical, mechanical and structural engineering experts.

Review of All Applicable Shop Drawings

Once engaged, we collect and analyze all shop drawings that have been produced by any relevant professionals (architects, product or device manufacturers, materials fabricators, installation contractors, etc.) Our fire prevention engineers look for design flaws and missed opportunities that can be adjusted, in order to increase fire safety for people in the proposed (or existing) built environment.

Site examination

In the US, every three seconds, a fire starts – whether in a residential, commercial or industrial setting. Therefore, a thorough site examination (pre- or post-built), followed by an MNA Quality Engineer’s recommendations, can help prevent, or more rapidly suppress, any fire events.

Our Projects

We provide expert fire safety consulting and project-specific solutions for mechanical, electrical and structural engineering challenges, throughout Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta.

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MNA Quality Consulting is our choice of engineer for fire alarm consulting and verification. Their team was great support for our demanding and sometimes last-minute requests. I recommend MNA for any fire alarm projects.

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Sid Jomha

Mar. 02, 2022


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We have been working with Andrew and his team now for about a year and we are extremely happy with the prompt and attentive service they have been providing us. Always professional and attentive and great turnaround time.

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Paul Marinelli

Jul. 31, 2020


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I have worked with MNA Quality Consulting for fire alarm engineering, highly recommended, Andrew gives attention to detail and takes the time necessary to do a good job. He cares and is accommodating, pleasure to work with. The fire alarm industry needs more guys like him.

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Daryll De Waal

May 10, 2019


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MNA is a company of exception quality and detail. I have watched them grow into a multi-disciplined company that can handle everything from complex ISO 9001 certifications, to creating large and detailed engineering solutions. If you want a solutions and customer focussed company reach out to them.

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Kevin Simpson

May 09, 2018


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I am very pleased with the services provided by Monika from MNA Quality Consulting. Monika brought the optimal mix of her knowledge, thoroughness, and real-world experience to develop our Health and Safety Program. She has made the consulting process easy, delivered the project on time, and surpassed the minimum requirements. I am excited about OneContact Integrated Facility Services now having a well-planned and excellent Health and Safety Program. This will help us move up to the next level. I highly recommend MNA Quality Consulting for your construction-related and SECOR/COR certification needs

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Mauricio Leiva

Mar. 30, 2018




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With the safety of building occupants a top priority of our Calgary fire safety engineering consultancy, we engineer fire protection and alarm systems systems to work quietly and error-free in the background.

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How often should I schedule an inspection of my fire protection system?

For building owners and company heads, fire protection systems are not a “set it and forget it” proposition. Fire prevention codes vary in municipalities, but require strict scheduling of fire extinguisher inspections and testing. More complex systems require fire safety engineering consultants, such as the trained MNA Quality Consulting team.

How much do your fire safety consulting services cost?

The greatest cost of not designing and installing fire safety systems correctly is the loss of human life and property. Fire engineering consultants usually charge a project fee, ranging between $5000 and $50,000 depending upon the number of buildings, virgin build or retrofit, and the required combination of fire (suppression, detection, alarm) system(s).

What do I do if fire prevention systems in my building are incorrect?

Unless you are a licensed engineer, detecting flaws in a building’s fire prevention systems can be virtually impossible. Code violations that are leading indicators of fire hazards include blocked fire doors, poorly lit exit pathways, faulty lighting and excessive use of extension cords, old/unchecked fire extinguishers, broken pull station handles, missing smoke detectors, etc.

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