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Fire Sprinkler Systems Design & Consulting Services in Calgary, AB

Whether you need industrial, commercial, or residential fire sprinkler design in Calgary, we offer fire sprinkler design services that you can count on to protect your people and property.

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Expert Fire Sprinkler Design Company in Alberta

Why trust MNA with your fire sprinklers design needs? There are actually several great reasons to turn to us for your fire sprinkler system plan.

For starters, we've got years of industry experience in developing fire suppression system design. We've also got the best qualifications to make sure that your fire sprinkler system layout meets the criteria of governing authorities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

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Fire Sprinkler Design Solutions We Provide

Fire hydrants are so common a sight in most cities and towns that you probably rarely notice them. Water is a very common weapon against fires from outside, but fire protection systems are also used inside buildings. Sprinklers can slow down fires from above, in-house fire pumps come up with water fast in high-rise buildings, and standpipe systems permit instant host attachments with enough pressure to fight a fire back. Whether you own a property or manage one, MNA fire code consulting can help you utilize any or all of these various options.

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Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems Design

These systems have pressurized water permanently filled inside of them. If heat activates a sprinkler, water will flow instantly. The pressure will also be moderately high. This gives wet pipe installations some of the fastest reaction times of all potential configurations. The cost is often the lowest of all options, too.

Designing Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

Rudimentary dry pipe sprinkler systems will respond by heat-activated sprinkler heads, but the pipes are full of nitrogen or compressed air instead of water. They have a slower response time since it takes more time for water to travel to the sprinkler heads. The utility of such a system is preventing freezing water inside the pipes.

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Pre-Action Fire Suppression System Design Services

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are similar to conventional dry pipe systems except that two conditions must happen before the system discharges its water. First, an independent smoke or heat detector independent of individual sprinklers opens the primary valve to fill the whole system with water. If this happens, any sprinkler head that gets activated will trigger water discharge throughout the system.

Deluge Fire Sprinklers Design

This system configuration has sprinkler heads in a permanently open position and the water held back by a valve. Given that, all sprinklers release their water if the valve is opened, no matter where the fire is happening. Fire detection systems activate the valve if they register enough heat or smoke in order to prevent the violent or rapid spread of fire.

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Schedule Your Fire Suppression System Consultation Today!

Your fire sprinkler layout might be one of many processes that require bureaucratic approval from many levels of government. Schedule an MNA fire suppression system consultation right away, and we might be able to expedite what's normally a slow process for you!

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Our Fire Sprinkler & Fire Suppression System Design Process

Designing fire sprinkler and suppression systems is an important job. The right installation can save lives, prevent injuries, and possibly even protect a lot of your property. The wrong design can result in disaster or just waste time and money. That's why our design process goes through multiple stages for maximum results.

Consulting and Advisory

We can help you prepare for installation in many ways. Let us do cost and time estimates for you, and see if we can also help you obtain permits.

Engineering Project

The plan that we put together for you has to meet two different criteria. First, it has to meet your specific property and project needs. Second, it needs to stay within your budget and fit your timeline. We know how to balance these competing demands while satisfying both.

Conceptual Design

We'll go over each project factor in order to ascertain the specific conceptual options you can choose from. This is where our industry knowledge and experience give you creative freedom among options you can trust as reliable.

Preliminary Design

Prior to any physical labor beginning, the preliminary plan needs to be approved by all relevant stakeholders. It's crucial for everyone to be on the same page at this part of the process.

Detailed Design

A preliminary plan makes sure that all needs are met and everything is accounted for. However, at some point, it has to be expanded into lists of specific actions that physical labor will accomplish. This is when ideas turn into physical reality.

Construction Procurement

Bids have to happen before contracts are awarded. This is when the necessary parts and services come together for the actual work involved.

Construction Administration

Count on us to handle the daily details that might overwhelm you while you focus on the responsibilities and work that only you can do.

Our Alberta Fire Suppression System Design Projects

We know we can handle your fire sprinkler plan, but we don't expect you to believe us just because we say it. Take a look at previous projects we've done to see what we accomplish for our clients:

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Very Professional Company to do business with.

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Brent Jackson

Jan. 30, 2018


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Andrew and Monika were very helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of my very complicated engineering needs. I will definitely recommend them to anyone, with confidence they will strive to do a good job, right, the first time.

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Heidi Neumann

Jan. 29, 2018


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It has been a great pleasure working with Monika. Her ability to influence others to achieve the team's vision is remarkable. Her endless support proved to be a great asset for any team out there that are looking for a great motivational supporter. Her knowledge brought upfront at the start of project and has been playing a valuable role since. It was a bitter sweet moment when the project was done and have to say goodbye to her as we all value her work very much.

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Lincole Wong

Oct. 26, 2017


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Andrew is professional building engineer, very friendly, well organized and has a competitive rate. I will come back and give him bigger job!!

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Jack Wu

Sep. 07, 2017




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