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Fire & Smoke Control Systems Design Services in Calgary, AB

Fire and smoke control systems in buildings save lives and property and are essential. If you need a smoke management system in your building, then find out what we can do for you and your organization.

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Professional Smoke Zoning System Design Company in Alberta

From general smoke vent design to NFPA 92 smoke control systems, we work with clients in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

Our smoke control engineering business has many years of industry experience and a considerable number of qualifications. For help with a smoke exhaust system in buildings you own or manage, turn to the experts who can help you with any issues you may be facing.

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our solutions

Solutions for Smoke Control Systems We Design

Count on the specialists of MNA to create the specific system you need that delivers optimal results while staying within your set budget.

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Smoke Containment Systems Design

Smaller enclosed spaces might utilize several different kinds of designs:

  • Stairwell Pressurization Design: This could apply to any high-rise structure with an occupied floor 75 feet above rescue vehicles.
  • Designing Zone Smoke Control Systems: Zoned systems might still be in use in older buildings but are typically only required in new underground structures.
  • Elevator Shaft Pressurization: The right system of ducts and fans can keep smoke from moving from one floor to another using a positive differential.
  • Vestibule Pressurization: Getting heat down low in an entryway can melt snow that gets tracked in a front door but might also help with smoke management.

Smoke Management System Design

There are two primary kinds of smoke systems for larger buildings, such as warehouses. Each has distinct benefits that come with it, but there might also be drawbacks.

  • Mechanical Smoke Exhaust Systems: A system of mechanical fans takes an active approach to getting smoke out of a building by using powered machinery to help guide and blow it out. While this doesn't do anything directly for fire management, it does make the internal atmosphere easier to see through and breathe for occupants needing every advantage to escape, which is a huge advantage.
  • Natural Smoke Ventilation Systems: These systems take advantage of the fact that smoke rises. Vents might be placed as high as possible in stairways and other structural elements where smoke can rise up quickly and out of the building, in particular in such a way that breathing gets easier for people heading down the stairs trying to escape.
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Schedule Your Smoke Control System Consultation Today!

Mandatory inspections and regulatory approval for smoke control systems rarely happen anywhere near the speed you need or want, thanks to overlapping local, provincial, and national jurisdictions. An MNA smoke control system consultation can expedite the process, however, so contact us for one right away, so you can ensure that the process is smooth and quick.

What Standards & Codes Apply for Smoke Control Systems in Calgary, AB?

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Smoke control design starts to like the beginning phase of many other systems, largely due to determining which applicable codes are going to apply.

NFPA 92B and the International Building Code usually apply, as does NFPA 101 regarding timed egress analysis. Certain local jurisdictions have more smoke control system regulations regarding factors such as elevator shaft pressurization, stair pressurization, and smoke control on a per-floor basis.

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Our Fire & Smoke Control System Design Process

In order to serve our clients best, our fire and smoke control system design process goes through four distinct phases, each with multiple steps that work in concert to deliver results you can count on.


We review the owner's project requirements in order to determine the budget and scope of the initial commissioning process and plan.


This is when we work with building owners, code authorities, and design professionals to plan for egress, fire, and smoke modeling. We also do a rational analysis of the smoke controls involved, and we develop design documents and criteria for testing and acceptance.

Construction Administration

In this phase, site installation reviews make sure that physical developments comply with the design plans. We continue to work with any authorities with jurisdiction over the work, and we resolve site liability issues. A special inspection takes place before the final commissioning of the system integration.

Post-Construction Assessment

Building staff gets operational training for all relevant systems, and close-out documentation is verified.

Why Choose MNA Quality Consulting

With MNA, "Quality Consulting" is part of our name. To that end, we seek to understand your goals in order to determine whether our firm will be a good fit for achieving them. As you would expect from the best engineering consulting firms, we regularly update our skills with continuing education and training, and treat our clients’ projects as if they were our own.

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Whether you want a smoke purge system or some other kind of mechanical smoke control system, we've handled everything the industry has to offer. Count on us for system upgrades and suggestions, no matter what your property is like and what your situation is.

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We've been working with all sorts of smoke control measures for years, so there's no problem we can't fix. You also won't ask a single question we can't answer.

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Code Compliance

You might not have any idea what NFPA 92a is compared to NFPA 92b, and that's okay. We know smoke control systems in and out, and we can make sure your current smoke control system meets industry standards and government laws, rules, and regulations.

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Very Professional Company to do business with.

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Brent Jackson

Jan. 30, 2018


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Andrew and Monika were very helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of my very complicated engineering needs. I will definitely recommend them to anyone, with confidence they will strive to do a good job, right, the first time.

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Heidi Neumann

Jan. 29, 2018


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It has been a great pleasure working with Monika. Her ability to influence others to achieve the team's vision is remarkable. Her endless support proved to be a great asset for any team out there that are looking for a great motivational supporter. Her knowledge brought upfront at the start of project and has been playing a valuable role since. It was a bitter sweet moment when the project was done and have to say goodbye to her as we all value her work very much.

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Lincole Wong

Oct. 26, 2017


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Andrew is professional building engineer, very friendly, well organized and has a competitive rate. I will come back and give him bigger job!!

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Jack Wu

Sep. 07, 2017




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