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Electrical Engineering Consulting Services in Calgary, AB

Any business in search of consultancy for electrical engineering in Calgary, AB, and surrounding areas, is fortunate to have nearby a professional electrical engineering firm with a track record for customized electrical designs and imaginative problem-solving. Hiring an advisor with experience will assure that the highest standards of safety and efficiency are in place.

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Professional Electrical Engineering Consultants

As a respected Calgary electrical engineering company, MNA Quality Consulting possesses an extensive history of innovation and solution related to the functionality of power transmission.

The company's electrical consulting engineers take a comprehensive approach, recognizing that structures are more than just energy grids. Our electric advisors consulting in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia understand well how electrical systems fit with other components.

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our solutions

Custom Electrical Design & Consulting Solutions We Offer

In conceiving an electrical design that is efficient and affordable, MNA cooperates with property managers, landlords, architects, and contractors to generate optimal electrical design solutions aimed at system integration. In so doing, we aid our clients by providing engineering services that enhance building performance.

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Proper Electrical Systems

Every building professional in Calgary and Edmonton, and beyond, knows that an electrical system is more than just the sum of its parts. Yet parts matter, especially in terms of quality. Furthermore, proper installation can make all the difference when the time for servicing and inspection arrives. From junction boxes to switching devices to circuits to the distribution panel, well-made components put in place according to safety protocols and ordinances are not only crucial to system integration but also crucial to fire prevention and the minimizing of risk. Buildings require safe and adequate electrical supply to power lighting and equipment, and we are ready to design these systems for your building.

Emergency Power and Lighting Systems

Lighting is not only functional, but it also contributes to the attractiveness of a property. A system that adequately illuminates should also complement the interior rooms and suites. Additionally, lighting is necessary when electricity is disrupted. An electrical consulting firm earns its pay by ensuring the successful operation of emergency systems in the event of power failure or another disabling event. MNA draws from its pool of electrical engineering consulting personnel, as well as the knowledge of designers schooled in atmosphere and aesthetics, to combine the best features of art and function.

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Electrical Transformers Vaults, Switching Devices, and Motors

Transformers regulate voltage by moving the current among multiple circuits. This regulation is essential for larger buildings, and MNA electrical design assures the safe and optimal operation of underground vaults, the performance of switching devices that open and close circuits, and the function of motors converting electrical power to mechanical. As electrical inspection consulting engineers, MNA professionals are well aware of the exacting specifications for these elements.

Mechanical Interface with Controls and Alarms

Modern technology, as never before, is able to bring electrical power to bear upon mechanical tasks. When a building is threatened by fire, flood, or security breach, systems created by our electrical consulting firm can instigate notifications, lock and unlock doors and passages and open up sprinklers, among other jobs. The communication between power sources and conduits, on the one hand, and valves, latches, and alarm devices, on the other, requires the careful expertise of a contractor well-versed in building engineering.

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Sectors We Serve

Our Calgary electrical engineering consultants serves a broad array of venues. The field sector of service includes:

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Cultural Venues

This can include anything from places of worship like churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques to museums, athletic arenas, theaters, community halls, courthouses, and much more.

Detention space


Institutions where movement is restricted including psychiatric hospitals with detention quarters, prisons, detention centers, and more.

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We serve a variety of hospitals and healthcare facilities, such as rehabilitation centers, hospice facilities, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, group homes, and many others.

Residential Building


We provide engineering services to apartment buildings, hotels, college formitories, daycare facilities, and multitude of other residential housings.

Office Building


Commercial offices can include everything from office buildings to supermarkets, retail establishments, department stores, and more.


Industrial and Special Projects

We offer our services to industrial buildings of low, medium, and high hazard. From assembly plants to warehouses, processing centers, and factories, we can ensure they are safe and ready to use.

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Ready to Get Started?

Companies and property managers in need of electrical engineering consultancy do well to opt for MNA Quality Consulting. Our innovative approaches and well-trained, experienced professionals have succeeded in solving multiple problems that have plagued some of the most prominent structures in Calgary and throughout the provinces. Reach out to us now, and let us demonstrate superior consultancy for electrical engineering.

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our process

Our Electrical Consulting Service Process

Our relationship with clients is clear and orderly, from pre-consultancy to final inspections.

Advisory and Consulting

This preparatory phase readies clients for the project in terms of cost projections, time estimates, installation parameters, and design options.

Electrical Engineering Project Plan

Plans for implementation are dovetailed with budget limitations, time considerations, and overall feasibility criteria.

Conceptual Design

This stage is when consulting engineers establish the dimensions of the project, as well as incorporate the ideas from other consulting services, in order to produce sketches and specifications from which to work.

Preliminary Design

This phase includes drawings and specifications that are peer-reviewed and presented to authorities for permits and certifications.

Detailed Design

This is where the specific aspects and elements are filled in, including details relative to power, lighting, panel schedule, and fire safety. These are included in construction contracts and submissions to public utility officials.

Construction Procurement

MNA assists clients with the completion and submission of bid and tender documents along with construction contracts.

Construction Administration Services

This involves on-site monitoring of technicians and other personnel, troubleshooting (voltage drop, e.g.), and verifying the completion of tasks before payment is made to contractors.

Technology and Software Tools We Use

For typical projects, MNA employs:

  • SKM power tools
  • AutoCAD design and drafting software
  • Revit 3D modeling system
  • ETAP electrical power systems analyzing tools.
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Our Projects

Our multidisciplinary project team provides services that help our clients from conceptual design through delivery and operation. We offer a broad range of solutions to commercial, institution and residential buildings.

Why Choose MNA Quality Consulting for Your Electrical Project?

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MNA puts a premium on planning for every contingency and creating designs that anticipate problems.

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MNA, an electrical engineering consulting company since 2008, retains the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in Canada. As your electrical engineering advisor, we are well placed to answer every question and address every difficulty.

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Businesses that own and manage real estate have a right to sound engineering delivered in a timely manner. MNA Quality Consulting delivers all the results that are negotiated and paid for.

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MNA Quality Consulting is our choice of engineer for fire alarm consulting and verification. Their team was great support for our demanding and sometimes last-minute requests. I recommend MNA for any fire alarm projects.

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Sid Jomha

Mar. 02, 2022


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We have been working with Andrew and his team now for about a year and we are extremely happy with the prompt and attentive service they have been providing us. Always professional and attentive and great turnaround time.

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Paul Marinelli

Jul. 31, 2020


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I have worked with MNA Quality Consulting for fire alarm engineering, highly recommended, Andrew gives attention to detail and takes the time necessary to do a good job. He cares and is accommodating, pleasure to work with. The fire alarm industry needs more guys like him.

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Daryll De Waal

May 10, 2019


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MNA is a company of exception quality and detail. I have watched them grow into a multi-disciplined company that can handle everything from complex ISO 9001 certifications, to creating large and detailed engineering solutions. If you want a solutions and customer focussed company reach out to them.

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Kevin Simpson

May 09, 2018


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I am very pleased with the services provided by Monika from MNA Quality Consulting. Monika brought the optimal mix of her knowledge, thoroughness, and real-world experience to develop our Health and Safety Program. She has made the consulting process easy, delivered the project on time, and surpassed the minimum requirements. I am excited about OneContact Integrated Facility Services now having a well-planned and excellent Health and Safety Program. This will help us move up to the next level. I highly recommend MNA Quality Consulting for your construction-related and SECOR/COR certification needs

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Mauricio Leiva

Mar. 30, 2018


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Very Professional Company to do business with.

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Brent Jackson

Jan. 30, 2018


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Andrew and Monika were very helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of my very complicated engineering needs. I will definitely recommend them to anyone, with confidence they will strive to do a good job, right, the first time.

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Heidi Neumann

Jan. 29, 2018


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It has been a great pleasure working with Monika. Her ability to influence others to achieve the team's vision is remarkable. Her endless support proved to be a great asset for any team out there that are looking for a great motivational supporter. Her knowledge brought upfront at the start of project and has been playing a valuable role since. It was a bitter sweet moment when the project was done and have to say goodbye to her as we all value her work very much.

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Lincole Wong

Oct. 26, 2017


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Andrew is professional building engineer, very friendly, well organized and has a competitive rate. I will come back and give him bigger job!!

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Jack Wu

Sep. 07, 2017




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