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Gathering Venue

Gathering place includes a venue for production and viewing of performing arts and arenas and other usages. Some samples are Theaters, Opera houses, Television studios admitting a viewing audience, Art galleries, Auditoria, Bowling alleys, Places of worship, Clubs, Community halls, Courtrooms, Dance halls, Daycare, Gymnasia, Lecture halls, Libraries, Licensed beverage establishments, Museums, Passenger stations and depots, Recreational piers, Restaurants, Schools and colleges, Arenas, Indoor swimming pools, Rinks.

Detention space

Detention Facilities

This is a building group where the occupants movement is purposely restricted, Example are Jails, Penitentiaries, Police stations with detention quarters, Prisons, Psychiatric hospitals with detention quarters, Reformatories with detention quarters.

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This is a building group where the occupants' movement is restricted due to health conditions. Examples are Care facilities, Convalescent /recovery/rehabilitation centers, Hospices, Hospitals, Infirmaries, Nursing homes, Psychiatric hospitals without detention quarters, Respite centers, Assisted/supportive living facilities, Children’s custodial homes, Group homes, Nursing homes, Reformatories without detention quarters.

Residential Building


As long as there is a sleeping facility it could be classified as residential. Examples are Apartments, Boarding houses, Clubs and Colleges and Schools with residential, Convents, Dormitories, Family day homes/group family child care homes, Hotels, Houses, Lodging houses, Monasteries, Motels.

Office Building


Business and personal services building are included in this sector. This group includes Banks, Barber and hairdressing shops, Beauty parlors, Dental offices, self-serve Dry cleaning and Laundries establishments, Medical offices, Offices, Police stations without detention quarters, Radio stations, Small tool and appliance rental and service establishments.

Mercantile building


Mercantile building is where the main purpose is to display and sell wholesale or retail goods or merchandise. Examples of these sectors are Department stores, Exhibition halls, Markets, Shops, Stores, Supermarkets.


High Hazard Industry

This building classification sector is where high hazards are present. Examples are Bulk plants for flammable liquids, Bulk storage warehouses for hazardous substances, Cereal mills, Chemical manufacturing or processing plants, Distilleries, Dry cleaning plants, Feed mills, Flour mills, Grain elevators, Lacquer factories, Mattress factories, Paint, varnish and pyroxylin product factories, Rubber processing plants, Spray painting operations, Waste paper processing plants.

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Medium Hazard Industry

This building classification sector is where medium hazards are present. Examples are Aircraft hangars, Box factories, Candy plants, Cold storage plants, Dry cleaning establishments not using flammable or explosive solvents or cleaners, Electrical substations, Factories, Freight depots, Helicopter landing areas on roofs, Laboratories, Laundries, Mattress factories, Planing mills, Printing plants, Repair garages, Salesrooms, Service stations, Storage rooms, Television studios not admitting a viewing audience, Warehouses, Wholesale rooms, Woodworking factories, Workshops.

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Low Hazard Industry

This building classification sector is where the low hazards are present. Examples are Creameries,  Storage of Light-aircraft hangars, Power plants, Sample display rooms, Storage garages including open air parking garages, Storage rooms, Warehouses, Workshops. Some building classifications could be medium or low hazard depend on further finding of the activities.

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