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Emergency Backup Power & Lighting Engineering Services in Calgary, AB

Emergency lighting helps everyone get out in an emergency, and an emergency power supply system design can keep your business in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or British Columbia maintaining operations without interruption. Count on our power system consultants for power system engineering, design, consulting, and more.

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Emergency Lighting & Power System Design & Consulting in Alberta, CA

From exit lighting to someone who can design emergency lighting, we do electric power consulting for businesses in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Our electric power consulting can make sure your facility is ready for a power outage due to a fire, accident, or regional incident.

The right standby power system can mean getting all of your professionals evacuated to safety or even maintaining your internal operations on your own power, rather than having everything interrupted or worse yet, someone injured.
Our emergency backup power consulting can be of service to a number of industries. As you look at potential power system consulting companies, consider whether others have the experience that we do in helping gathering venues, detention facilities, healthcare centers, residential buildings, offices, and mercantile buildings. We also work with industrial facilities with low, medium, and high levels of a potential hazard.

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Our Calgary Emergency Backup Power & Lighting Engineering Consulting Services

Our power system engineering consultants can offer your business solutions for emergency lighting design and backup power solutions. Turn to our electrical power consultants for portable power solutions and emergency lighting systems for buildings of all kinds.

Emergency lights for commercial buildings are a common requirement for local emergency lighting regulations. We can see what the requirements for emergency lighting are where you are located and then do an electrical power system design that keeps the lights on enough for your professionals, residents, and guests to get to safety in the event of an emergency.

Emergency and standby power systems can give anyone in your facilities serious peace of mind about their safety. The right emergency backup power engineering might even let you keep internal operations going in the event of a power outage. In industrial facilities, that might be necessary so you have the chance to respond to a leak or hazardous accident happening on-site.

In retail settings or environments open to the public, emergency lights for commercial buildings can help you keep everyone calm and organized if you have many guests without the training or knowledge of the floor plan that your employees have.

Emergency Generator System Design

No matter how reliable your power utility is, having your own emergency generator adds another layer of safety and is a must-have if you want to avoid catastrophes.

Standby Generator Power System Design

Standby generators can provide you with a reliable source of power for uninterrupted illumination all the time.

Optional Standby Generator System Design

Being able to choose your source of power can mean operational flexibility.

Emergency Escape Lighting

Time is of the essence when emergency escapes are necessary, and proper lighting expedites egress.

Escape Route Lighting

Any emergency backup power design needs to start with illuminating escape routes people might need for prompt and safe evacuation.

Open Area Lighting

Open areas need enough lighting that people can see through such spaces in an emergency.

High-Risk Task Area Lighting

Specific areas of high-risk levels can benefit from specific task-oriented lighting.

Standby Lighting

Emergency system design should always incorporate standby lighting that kicks in when primary power sources are unavailable.

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Contact Canada Emergency & Standby Power System Consultants Today

Call our office or contact us online for electric power consulting in Calgary and surrounding provinces for your business right away.

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Code Regulations

Canada Building Code Regulations for Emergency Lighting & Backup Power

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Emergency lighting regulations

Provincial emergency lighting code requirements often mandate emergency lighting design to be installed in many different places.

  • Locations for community gatherings of a religious, civil, or social purpose
  • Exit signs for all kinds of buildings
  • Facilities involved with making semiconductors or anything related
  • Any facility involving poisonous, toxic, or hazardous materials and chemicals
  • Low-rise, high-rise, and underground hospitals, offices, and industries of any level
  • Hospitals, asylums, and prisons among other places where inhabitants might die, become violent, or get irritable because of losing power
  • Elevators included in emergency evacuations
  • Post-fire smoke control
  • Airports, especially traffic control towers
  • Sliding doors operated by electricity

Alberta Requirements for Emergency Lighting

The province of Alberta has emergency lighting system standards that apply to numerous lighting issues, such as:

  • Average level of illumination
  • Lighting up principal routes to open floor area exits
  • Emergency lighting for service rooms
  • Corridors that service sleeping rooms
  • Public corridors
  • Underground walkways
  • Corridors that serve classrooms
  • Floor areas in certain kinds of structural occupancy
  • Food preparation areas for commercial kitchens
  • Healthcare facilities have special or additional requirements
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Emergency Power Supply Systems Requirements in Alberta

Emergency lighting equipment is supposed to activate immediately when the power supply fails so that an area still has light. Multiple backup battery units can sustain normal lighting for particular operations even when individual circuits fail instead of the primary power.
Some systems include a central battery bank storage, but providing local outage lighting coverage gets more complicated in doing this. Many manufacturers offer battery backups that can simplify electrical distribution for localized lighting, such as stairwells.
Emergency lighting circuits should include their own wiring distinct from normal lighting. This will prevent main lighting system damage from also hurting emergency lights, which can cause costlier issues to arise.
All equipment has to be mounted above floor level. Specific requirements apply for mounting battery units and distances between pieces of equipment.

Our Electrical Emergency Power & Lighting Systems Design Process

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From emergency backup power engineering to electrical power systems design and analysis, we're here for your business through every step of the process.

  • Advice and Consulting: Let us help you get ready for installation by doing time and cost estimates and obtaining permits.
  • Project Services: You need a plan that meets requirements but also fits your budget and timeline.
  • Concept Work: We'll look over every project factor to determine conceptual possibilities you can pick from.
  • Preliminary Options: Before any work starts, a preliminary plan needs the approval of all stakeholders.
  • Design Details: Any preliminary plan needs to be fleshed out into specific tasks done by physical labor.
  • Procurement: Bids and contracts are necessary to secure the services and parts necessary for the actual work.
  • Administration: We'll handle the day-to-day details that might otherwise swamp you during the actual work.

Why Choose MNA Quality Consulting for Backup & Portable Power Design Services in Calgary?

Our power system engineering consultants can design emergency lighting but also so much more.

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Solution for Every Building Size

No matter what size or function your facility is, we have the experience and answers to deliver results that fit your unique needs.

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Code Compliant Design

We know the local, provincial, and national rules. Our systems don't just keep your people safe but also keep your organization safe from fees, fines, and penalties for code violations.

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Non-Stop Functionality

Our engineering professionals design and install systems that are reliable, effective, and efficient for technology you can count on.

Our Alberta Emergency Lighting Projects

Our work speaks for itself. Look over our previous projects to see for yourself what we're capable of delivering for your business.

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We have been working with Andrew and his team now for about a year and we are extremely happy with the prompt and attentive service they have been providing us. Always professional and attentive and great turnaround time.

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Paul Marinelli

Jul. 31, 2020


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Andrew and Monika were very helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of my very complicated engineering needs. I will definitely recommend them to anyone, with confidence they will strive to do a good job, right, the first time.

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Heidi Neumann

Jan. 29, 2018


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It has been a great pleasure working with Monika. Her ability to influence others to achieve the team's vision is remarkable. Her endless support proved to be a great asset for any team out there that are looking for a great motivational supporter. Her knowledge brought upfront at the start of project and has been playing a valuable role since. It was a bitter sweet moment when the project was done and have to say goodbye to her as we all value her work very much.

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Lincole Wong

Oct. 26, 2017


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Andrew is professional building engineer, very friendly, well organized and has a competitive rate. I will come back and give him bigger job!!

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Jack Wu

Sep. 07, 2017




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