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Plumbing Engineering and Design Services in Calgary, AB

Water is essential for life, hygiene, power, and a host of other necessities. Managing its flow, storage, and cleansing often demands the attention of a plumbing engineer who specifically can help design systems for these purposes. MNA Quality Consulting offers mechanical engineering plumbing services in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and other locations in North America. A plumbing design engineer can help design the right service for you.

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Top-Rated Alberta Plumbing Design and Drafting Services

MNA's plumbing engineering design team creates precision systems that are efficient in terms of both economics and sustainability. In addition, we integrate our design systems with the client's existing technology infrastructure to keep them in the loop and learn from their feedback by offering top-notch plumbing engineering services.

By focusing on ecological friendliness and water conservation, our engineered plumbing systems save water with both new installations and renovated systems. Furthermore, MNA does this with all types of properties: residential, commercial, and industrial. Among our specialties are:

  • Meeting code requirements
  • Analysis, upgrades, and expansion of plumbing systems
  • Building, plumbing, drain, and waste systems
  • Conserve and recover water
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Our Mechanical Plumbing Engineering Services & Consulting in Alberta, CA

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MNA offers engineered plumbing systems in retail, government, education, and manufacturing, to name a few. We offer complex and high-functioning systems and work with only the most qualified plumbing design engineers.  Plumbing systems are important, especially when it comes to sustainability. Our High-tech solutions for water conservation, treatment, and reclamation, can help you become green and help you save money. With our state-of-the-art designs, we meet our client's plumbing needs. MNA can help you with:

  • Meeting code requirements
  • Analysis, upgrades, and expansion of plumbing systems
  • Building, plumbing, drain, and waste systems
  • Conserve and recover water
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Find Out More about Our Edmonton Mechanical Plumbing Engineering Today

These mechanical engineering plumbing services, and others, are available in Edmonton, Calgary, and throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan & BC. Reach out to us today.

Importance of Accurate Piping Design and Plumbing Layout in Canada

Regardless of the property type, effective and reliable plumbing structures require rigorous and imaginative design, every time. This goes double for piping engineering and representation. MNA utilizes computer-aided design (CAD) to generate, modify and optimize these models. Best of all, they are applicable to a myriad of industries, such as:

  • Energy production and refining
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Waste management and water treatment facilities
  • Chemical processing plants
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Our Mechanical Engineering Plumbing Design Process

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MNA Quality Consulting is systematic and precise in the process of creating and revising plumbing designs. Every plumbing and mechanical engineer takes pains to recommend optimal materials, allow for both accuracy and flexibility in measurement, plan the most direct piping routes possible, and make a system that is easy for contractors to understand when servicing is required. Above all else, performance and functionality govern the process. Elements of designs include but are not limited to:

  • Creation of floor plans and diagrams
  • Scheduling the completion of each component
  • Identify equipment used in the installation
  • Draft specifications for piping, fittings, and other accessories

Piping Design & Drafting Software We Use

A wide array of industries depend on plumbing engineering design services for their production and processing facilities such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, aerospace, military, and mining are but a few of them. Given the safety and compliance criteria governing these enterprises, drafting designs without help is more error-prone and time-consuming. Technology like AutoCAD (computer-aided design) provides help in both these areas.

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Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Engineering – Industry Applications

Commercial plumbing engineering for buildings covers a diverse spectrum of industries. Each needs specific piping and flow designs to optimize the movement of water and other chemical compounds. MNA contributes design consultancy to the following location types:

  • Correctional facilities – where large groups of convicted persons must receive the necessities during their confinement including food, heat, clean issued clothing, and other basics
  • Healthcare facilities – residential and outpatient need not only basic services but also specific treatments that depend on plumbing systems.
  • Apartment buildings – where people live and require clean water, HVAC, and well-maintained common areas. 
  • Retail and commercial space – here, too, plumbing is essential for safety, functionality, and cleanliness where people do business
  • Industrial units – of varying degrees of hazard presence

Why Choose MNA Quality for Commercial HVAC Consulting in Calgary?

MNA Quality Consulting performs services that are necessary for the safety, functionality, and longevity of every residential, commercial, and industrial edifice. Our experts in plumbing and heating engineering assure that these benchmarks are met.

  • Evaluation of the quality and due diligence of contractor work
  • Examination and recommendations regarding improvements and re-design
  • Advice on the specifications of various pieces of equipment
  • Confirmation of code compliance
  • Upgrades relative to conservation and sustainability

Our Alberta Plumbing Engineering Consulting Projects

Among our specialties are sprinkler system performance measurements, waste treatment, and redress, drainage systems, as well as the decontamination of biowaste.

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We have been working with Andrew and his team now for about a year and we are extremely happy with the prompt and attentive service they have been providing us. Always professional and attentive and great turnaround time.

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Paul Marinelli

Jul. 31, 2020


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Andrew and Monika were very helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of my very complicated engineering needs. I will definitely recommend them to anyone, with confidence they will strive to do a good job, right, the first time.

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Heidi Neumann

Jan. 29, 2018


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It has been a great pleasure working with Monika. Her ability to influence others to achieve the team's vision is remarkable. Her endless support proved to be a great asset for any team out there that are looking for a great motivational supporter. Her knowledge brought upfront at the start of project and has been playing a valuable role since. It was a bitter sweet moment when the project was done and have to say goodbye to her as we all value her work very much.

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Lincole Wong

Oct. 26, 2017


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Andrew is professional building engineer, very friendly, well organized and has a competitive rate. I will come back and give him bigger job!!

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Jack Wu

Sep. 07, 2017




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